Scott Marketing Testimonials

"Prior to Scott Marketing our events were inconsistent. We noticed with other marketing companies we'd have good and bad events. With Scott Marketing our events are consistently good from weekend to weekend - productive and exceed expectations. Scott Marketing promises and delivers. When a Scott Marketing event is scheduled we know we're having a great weekend and our sales people are excited."

- Bill Walsh, VP and GM, Future Automotive Group, Sacramento, CA

"I was turned onto David & Scott Marketing from a dealer in our 20 Group. I've used many marketing companies in the past without much success. One thing about David is he's a car guy and truly understands what it takes to sell a car. David's team knows what it takes to make our weekends successful. Our team knows when it’s a Scott Marketing weekend we'll sell a lot of cars. He knows what it takes to generate qualified leads. Results are consistent from store to store."

- Dennis Shannon, President, Citrus Motors, Ontario, CA

"The thing about Scott Marketing is their methodology works for EVERY brand. Programs are customizable to what works for each dealership at every level - large to small stores - regardless of brand or manufacturer. The Scott marketing method works at all locations. Rest assured that a consistent result is expected – the team is reliable and dependable. From our largest stores to our smaller stores, results are consistent and we trust Scott Marketing to perform. Our Sales People know it’s going to be a great weekend with Scott Marketing."

- Gray McDougal, Corporate GM, Earnhardt Auto Centers, Chandler AZ

"Scott Marketing is the best direct marketing company we've used. They deliver consistent results weekend after weekend. We’re currently using them twice a month and get consistently excellent results in a very aggressive market. When Scott Marketing runs a promotion we know it’s going to be a high performing weekend."

- Zach Ivanhoe, GM, Right Toyota, Scottsdale, AZ